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MMA Memo #160

Digital Elevation Models for the Chajnantor Site

M.A. Holdaway [1], M.A. Gordon [1], S.M. Foster [1], F.R. Schwab [2], Hernan Bustos [3]

August 28, 1996

Keywords: Chile, Chajnantor, Pampa la Bola, site, digital elevation models, DEM, aerial photographs

This memorandum presents new digital elevation models (DEMs) of the candidate sites for the Millimeter Wave Array (MMA) and the Large Millimeter and Submillimeter Arrays (LMSA) in Chile with a planar resolution of 5m. Made by McLain Aerial in Tucson from aerial photographs provided by the Instituto Geographico Militar de Chile, these DEMs will facilitate tentative layouts of the antenna configurations, roads, and support buildings for both telescopes.

[3] Cerro Tololo

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