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Selected ALMA memos regarding site characterization

No. Title Author(s) Date
262Tropospheric Phase Calibration in Millimeter InterferometryC.L. Carilli, M.A. Holdaway4/99
261Position of MMA Equipment on ChajnantorSimon J.E. Radford4/99
252Phase Correction using 183 GHz Radiometers during the Fall 1998 CSO-JCMT Interferometer RunM. S. Yun, M. C. Wiedner2/99
251MMA Site East of San Pedro De Atacama, North Chile Volcanic Hazards Assessment and Geologic SettingM.C. Gardeweg P.8/96
250Seismicity and Seismic Hazard at MMA site, Antofagasta, ChileS.E. Barrientos6/96
238Precipitable Water at KP -- 1993-1998Bryan Butler11/98
237Precipitable Water at the VLA -- 1990-1998Bryan Butler11/98
230 Preliminary Report on Water Supply Francisco Townsend G. 6/96
196 Options for Placement of a Second Site Test Interferometer on Chajnantor M.A. Holdaway, S.J.E. Radford 2/98
191 Feasibility Study of the Use of the White Mountain Research Station (WMRS) Laboratory to Measure the Effects of 27% Oxygen Enrichment at 5000 m Altitude on Human Cognitive Function J.B. West, F.L. Powell, A.M. Luks (Division of Physiology School of Medicine, UCSD) 11/97
190 A System Design for the MMA A. R. Thompson 11/97
189 Reference pointing of LSA/MMA antennas Robert Lucas 11/97
188 Another look at anomalous refraction on Chajnantor Bryan Butler 10/97
187 Modeling of the Submillimeter Opacity on Chajnantor M.A. Holdaway, Juan R. Pardo 10/97
186 Calculation of Anomalous Refraction on Chajnantor M.A. Holdaway 9/97
176 Preliminary Phase Stability Comparison of the Chajnantor and Pampa la Bola sites M.A. Holdaway, Satoki Matsushita, M. Saito 7/97
174 How Many Fast Switching Cycles Will the MMA Make in its Lifetime? M.A. Holdaway 6/97
173 Application of Fast Switching Phase Calibration at mm Wavelengths on 33 km Baselines C.L. Carilli, M.A. Holdaway 5/97
169 Atmospheric Coherence Times at Chajnantor M.A. Holdaway 4/97
162 Medical and Physiological Considerations for a High-Altitude MMA Site P.J.Napier, J.B.West (School of Medicine, UCSD, San Diego) 10/96
160 Digital Elevation Models for the Chajnantor Site M.A. Holdaway, M.A. Gordon, S.M. Foster, F.R. Schwab, Hernan Bustos 8/96
159 Wind Velocities at the Chajnantor and Mauna Kea Sites and the Effect on MMA Pointing M.A. Holdaway, S.M. Foster, Darrel Emerson, Jingquan Cheng, Fred Schwab 8/96
158 Correlation Between Opacity and Surface Water Vapor Pressure Measurements at Rio Frio M.A. Holdaway, Masato Ishiguro, Naomasa Nakai, Satoki Matsushita 8/96
153 Fitting a 12km Configuration on the Chajnantor Site M.A. Holdaway, Scott M. Foster, K.-I. Morita 4/96
152 Comparison of Rio Frio and Chajnantor Site Testing Data M.A. Holdaway, M. Ishiguro, Scott M. Foster, R. Kawabe, K. Kohno, F.N. Owen, S.J.E. Radford, M. Saito 4/96
148 Calibration of Submillimeter Observations with SiO Masers: Does the MMA Need Dual Band Capability? M.A. Holdaway 2/96
144 Report from the Phase Calibration Working Group David Woody, Mark Holdaway, Oliver Lay, Colin Masson, Frazer Owen, Dick Plambeck, Simon Radford, Ed Sutton 10/95
139 Fast Switching Phase Calibration: Effectiveness at Mauna Kea and Chajnantor M.A. Holdaway, Simon J.E. Radford, F.N. Owen, Scott M. Foster 9/95
137 Removal of Atmospheric Emission from Total Power Continuum Observations M.A. Holdaway, F.N. Owen, Darrel T. Emerson 9/95
136 Correcting for Decorrelation Due to Atmospheric Phase Errors M.A. Holdaway, F.N. Owen 9/95
130 Velocity of Winds Aloft from Site Test Interferometer Data M.A. Holdaway 7/95
129 Data Processing for Site Test Interferometers M.A. Holdaway, Simon J.E. Radford, F.N. Owen, and Scott M. Foster 6/95
127 Experimental Determination of the Dependence of Tropospheric Pathlength Variation on Airmass M.A. Holdaway, M. Ishiguro 3/95
126 A Test of Fast Switching Phase Calibration with the VLA at 22GHz M.A. Holdaway, F.N. Owen 4/95
124 Distances to MMA Calibrators Based on 90 GHz Source Counts S.M. Foster 10/94
123 Source Counts at 90 GHz M.A. Holdaway, F.N. Owen, M.P. Rupen 10/94
118 Atmospheric Opacity Observations from the VLBA and CSO Sites on Mauna Kea Fred Schwab 6/94
113 Weather Conditions at the Potential MMA Site on Mauna Kea P.J. Napier 4/94
108 Single Dish Observing and Calibration Modes D.T. Emerson, P.R. Jewell 12/93

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