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Compact Configuration Evaluation - Mosaicing

Melvyn Wright, Radio Astronomy laboratory, University of California, Berkeley


Keywords: Antenna Configurations, Image Simulations, Mosaicing

In this memo, we compare the mosaicing performance of compact configurations. MIRIAD scripts simulate mosaic observations with ALMA, calculate error images and pipeline the results into tables. The residual imaging errors are characterized by the recovered flux, peak flux density and the sidelobe levels. We present tables of the sidelobe levels and image fidelity for source declinations from +60 to -60 degrees. Mosaic images for source diameters 24 and 32 arcsec are analyzed. For the 24'' source, a Gaussian configuration provides the best image fidelity. For the 32'' source, the most compact configuration provides better sampling of the large scale structure and better image fidelity, except at high declinations where the array is strongly shadowed.

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Last modified: 2002-07-29