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Phase Correction using Submillimeter Atmospheric Continuum Emission

S.Matsushita (CfA/SMA), H.Matsuo (NAOJ), M.C.Wiedner (CfA/SMA), J.R.Pardo (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas/CalTech)


Keywords: Atmospheric Effects, Calibration, Phase Correction

We discuss a phase correction method using total power from submillimeter/millimeter SIS receivers. The discussion is based on FTS measurements and model calculations of submillimeter/millimeter atmospheric emission under various weather conditions. Liquid water in the atmosphere (cloud or fog) limits the phase correction accuracy using the total power measurements. Comparison between millimeter and submillimeter total power phase correctionshows that the sensitivity requirement is more easily met at submillimeterwavelengths under good atmospheric conditions (precipitable water vapor[pwv] < 1 mm), and the phase correction error due to liquid water is muchless at these wavelengths. Simultaneous operation of millimeter and submillimeter receivers will further reduce the phase correction error appreciably.

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Last modified: 2002-04-05