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Atmospheric Phase Stability at Chajnantor
and Pampa la Bola

Bryan J. Butler and Simon J. E. Radford
National Radio Astronomy Observatory

Seiichi Sakamoto
National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

Kotaro Kohno
Nobeyama Radio Observatory

Atmospheric phase stability has been measured at Chajnantor (e.g., Radford & Holdaway 1998) and Pampa la Bola (e.g., Ishiguro 1998) for many years now with Site Test Interferometers (STIs - see Ishiguro et al. 1989; Radford et al. 1996). A preliminary analysis of these data showed Chajnantor had smaller phase fluctuations than Pampa la Bola (Holdaway et al. 1997), but only 6 weeks worth of data were included in that analysis. Given the more extensive data set available now, it seems appropriate to make a more complete comparison.

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Last modified: June 06, 2001