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MMA Memo #171

Optimization of an array configuration minimizing side lobes.

L.R. Kogan

May 6, 1997

Keywords: Configuration, array.

The analytical expression for the first derivative of the array beam by the specific array element shift is obtained. Using this expression it is possible to optimize the array configuration shifting the array elements in accordance of the derivative value. The criterion of the optimization can be selected as minimization of the worse side lobe at the each selected cross section as well as minimization of the worst side lobe at the whole selected range of the angles. A task in AIPS frame is written to apply the algorithm for the optimization. The task provides the optimisation of the array's element position and plots the array's pattern for initial and found configuration as well as the configurations itself. We consider the main result of this investigation is a demonstration of the tool which can be used for optimization of the side lobes of designed arrays. Even if the recommended configuration is not accepted for different reasons it is useful to know how far the side lobes of the accepted configuration are from the ``ideal one''. The offered analysis can answer on this question.

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