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MMA Memo #123

Source Counts at 90 GHz

M.A. Holdaway [1], F.N. Owen [1], M.P. Rupen [1]

October 31, 1994

Keywords: calibrators, source counts, fast switching

We present the results of sensitive 90 GHz observations by the NRAO 12m of 367 flat spectrum and 51 steep spectrum radio sources. From our sample, we estimate the counts of compact sources suitable for use as MMA calibrators. Over the entire sky, we estimate there are 178 sources with S90 > 1 Jy and 4400 sources with S90 > 0.1 Jy. The cores of SSQs make up less than 10% of the compact source counts. The spectral index distribution indicates that there may be enough highly inverted sources to boost the 90 GHz counts above the 30GHz counts.

[1] NRAO/Socorro

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