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MMA Memo #118

Atmospheric Opacity Observations from the VLBA and CSO Sites on Mauna Kea

Fred Schwab

June 13, 1994

Keywords: site testing, opacity, Mauna Kea summit, Mauna Kea VLBA site

Fourteen months of atmospheric opacity observations from the Caltech Submillimeter Observatory (CSO) site and the VLBA site on Mauna Kea, Hawaii, are presented in this memorandum. These data, which cover the time period November 1992 through December 1993, were acquired by two of the NRAO 225-GHz tipping radiometers, in continuance of the MMA site testing program. The VLBA site, located at the 3725-m (12,220- ft) level, is adjacent to the potential MMA site on Mauna Kea. The CSO site is at 4072m (13,360-ft). A plot of each day's data is shown. Quartile values of the opacity measurements during the 14-month period are (0.052, 0.080, 0.146) Nepers for the CSO site and (0.070, 0.112, 0.216) Nepers for the VLBA site.

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